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Management message

“What are the pluses we can offer?”
That is the starting point for research and challenges.

Since our founding, we have specialized in research and development,
We have been providing products with a focus on safety and quality.
The starting point is the voice of the customer,
It is nothing but the originality and ingenuity of our employees.

"Listen, think, respond with technology"
If all employees work together to repeat this cycle,
Creating a system that can stably supply products of reliable quality and
We believe that it is the source of customer satisfaction.

In particular, in response to customer requests
We are focusing on the ability to respond with a small turn,
We believe that this leads to trust in our company.
And they are supporting the company by realizing it.
We always keep the happiness of our employees in mind.

Chiyoda Gosei will continue to
Thinking about “What are the positives that we can provide?”
Contribute to customers, employees, communities, and the world
We aim to be a company.

and corporate message
Embodying the concept of “adding value to plastics.”
We promise to remain a company.

Representative Director and President Shogo Isemura


Management philosophy
1. Always keep your dreams and youthfulness
1. Respect theories, ideas and time
1. Love your work and brighten up your workplace
Create a harmonious work flow
1. Strive for constant research and progress

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