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プラスチックに、プラスの価値を。We are TEAM千代田合成!
プラスチックのあらゆる課題を解決する。千代田合成株式会社 CHIYOTA PLASTICS CO.,LTD.

Business introduction

listen. think. We respond with technology.
That is TEAM Chiyoda Gosei!

Chiyoda Gosei contributes to the development of society through the injection molding of precision plastics used in automobile parts, home appliances, and the internal structural parts of precision machinery. This area extends to "confirmation and proposal of specifications", "mold design", "molding processing", and "painting and printing on finished products".
Through many years of experience and accumulation in plastic molding and the development of a consistent system, we are able to ensure product strength and accuracy, improve costs, and develop reliable products in the area of sensibility such as texture and texture. Realize In particular, we have an established reputation for our production management capabilities, such as special process management and stable delivery.

千代田合成 商品2092.jpg

Product introduction

Small parts play a big role.
There and there. The work of Chiyoda Gosei.

Introducing the plastic products molded and processed by Chiyoda Gosei. From automobile parts to home appliances and internal structural parts of precision machinery. And from the visible to the invisible. The work of Chiyoda Gosei supports society as a part of society.


Environmental policy

Many people work at Chiyoda Gosei to solve all kinds of plastic problems. The number, more than 100 people. As a member of TEAM Chiyoda Gosei, we will explore the meaning of work and what is important from the voices of senior employees working at the forefront of plastic manufacturing.

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