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Voices of Senior Employees

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ask senior employees
What is positive value for you?



Production department 13th year

The ingredients have their own peculiarities depending on the season and type. Just manufacturing can lead to defects. Face each process, face each person. That's my plus.


Production Engineering Department 4th year

The mold is very delicate. The key is to value things and treat them with respect. But difficult requests need to be boldly confronted. I study every day while watching the seniors who are like masters.



Production department 1st year

The work of product management is a job that uses the five senses. See with your eyes, touch with your hands. It's all about the feeling that "it's different from yesterday" and "it's different from before". I work with the feeling that I will protect the quality of Chiyoda Gosei.


Quality Control Department 10th year

Don't make mistakes. Don't let it happen again. This builds trust in the company. I work while fully understanding the meaning of the processes created by my seniors. Basics are the most important.


Departments and occupations currently recruiting

Chiyoda Gosei is looking for partners who will create positive value for plastics and society. Would you like to join TEAM Chiyoda Gosei? We are currently hiring for the following positions: Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form.

Production Engineering Department

Preparation for new product production, start-up, maintenance and repair of molds, etc.

production department

Production, processing, assembly, shipping, etc.


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