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Business introduction

listen. think. We respond with technology.
That is TEAM Chiyoda Gosei!

Chiyoda Gosei contributes to the development of society through the injection molding of precision plastics used in automobile parts, home appliances, and the internal structural parts of precision machinery. This area extends to "confirmation and proposal of specifications", "mold design", "molding processing", and "painting and printing on finished products".Through many years of experience and accumulation in plastic molding and the development of a consistent system, we are able to ensure product strength and accuracy, improve costs, and develop reliable products in the area of sensibility such as texture and texture. Realize In particular, we have an established reputation for our production management capabilities, such as special process management and stable delivery.

Strengths of Chiyoda Gosei

Chiyoda Gosei has consistently manufactured plastic parts since its establishment in 1947. We will solve all kinds of problems related to plastics with our technological, productive and problem-solving capabilities that we have cultivated over many years of history.

・Technical capabilities: Manufacturing professionals with a focus on plastic parts for automobiles who have accumulated wisdom and ingenuity
・Productivity: Equipment with high productivity and precision and management ability to realize stable delivery
・Solving ability: Ability to listen to even the most difficult issues and propose solutions using technology


Work process and scope of work


​Inside the factory


The mark on the head is a charm point "Chiyopura-kun".

With the slogan "Plastic, plus value."

The signature pose is "Plus!"

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