CHIYOTA PLASTICS CO., LTD. was founded in Fujimatsu-mura in what was once the Hekikai District of Aichi Prefecture, Japan (what is now part of Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture). It moved to its present location in April 1949 as a subcontracting factory for Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
In 1949, CHIYOTA PLASTICS manufactured injection molding products for Tokai Rika, Sumitomo Bakelite, and Meidensha.
Oct. 1955 Received the Central Japan Plastic Products Industry Association Award at "Growing Plastics Industry Exhibition."
Aug. 1958 Received a license to manufacturer electrical products from the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
Received the Nagoya Mayorfs Award for efforts to streamline business and improvements in technology.
Jul. 1962 Succeeded with experiments and testing on simultaneous multi-color injection molding, and submitted applications to patent the technology.
Apr. 1963 Succeeded in developing a polypropylene product for external tape recorder cases, and presented the product at an international trade fair, garnering interest from industry representatives.
Jun. 1963 Received Patent No. 408-220 for metal molding technology for simultaneous multi-color molding of two or more colors, and began simultaneous molding of two plastics and three plastics at a time.
Dec. 1963 Commissioned by the Aichi Prefectural Government to conduct research on acetal resins and precision molding for bushings and presented the results.
Feb. 1964 Conducted research into automatic tape recorder winding reels. Applied for a patent on the technology, receiving Patent No. 39-20589.
Nov. 1965 Commissioned by the Aichi Prefectural Government to conduct research on resin products with strengths equivalent to those of die cast products in plastic products and presented the results.
Mar. 1968 Commissioned by the Aichi Prefectural Government to conduct research on full automation of injection molding machines and presented the results.
Nov. 1969 Received the Japan Patent Office Commissionerfs Award for the CHIYOTA PLASTICS tape recorder housing presented at the 3rd All-Japan Distinguished Plastics Product Competition.
Nov. 1970 Received a letter of gratitude from Polyplastics Co., Ltd. for making great contributions to the development of applications for and expansion of polyacetyl resin (DURACON).
Jul. 1976 Built an Isuzu Plant in Naruhama-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan.
Jan. 1985 Began full-scale production of two-color injection molding products with implementation of a two-color molding machine (50-ton).
Oct. 1991 Constructed the Taketoyo Plant in Fuki, Taketoyo-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan.
Jun. 1992 Pulled out of production using thermosetting molding.
Sept. 1992 Sold the Isuzu Plant.
Nov. 1992 Merged the Administration Department at the main office and the Shipping Division into the Taketoyo Plant.
Dec. 1993 Added on to the Machinery Division.
Aug. 1997 Added on to the Taketoyo Plant (825 m2) and moved the Main Plant.
Oct. 1998 Installed an electrical discharge machine to augment the Machinery Division.
Jul. 2000 Installed an electronic injection molding machine.
Feb. 2002 Installed an NC milling machine to augment the Machinery Division.
May 2002 Installed a wire cutting machine to augment the Machinery Division.
Jan. 2003 Became ISO9001:2000 certified.
Dec. 2004 Became ISO14001:1996 certified.
Jun. 2005 Expanded the Taketoyo Plant: Third Phase.
Apr. 2009 Expanded the Taketoyo Plant: Fourth Phase.
Sep. 2009 Adopted hot stamping machines and tampo printing machines.
Nov. 2012 Founding of Chiyota Gosei(Thailand) planned in Rayong,Thailand.
Nov. 2013 Completed the construction of Chiyota Gosei(Thailand) and started the operation.