@Inside the Taketoyo Plant

@Holding Equipment
A total of 69 processing machines are installed in the building area of 6,000 m2 at the Taketoyo Plant, securing a reliable production system.
@2-color Molding Machine
280 t: 2 unit (Sumitomo)
130 t: 2 unit (Sumitomo)

Large Special 2-color Molding Machine

@Plastic Molding Machine
220 t: 6 units (Sumitomo, Toshiba)
180 t: 3 units (Sumitomo)
160 t: 4 units (Toshiba)
100 t: 19 units (Sumitomo, Fanuc)
75 t: 1 unit (Sumitomo)
50 t: 24 units (Sumitomo,Fanuc)
30 t: 4 units (Toshiba, Fanuc)
18 t: 2 units (Sumitomo)
15 t: 2 units (Fanuc)

Small Molding Machine

@Hot Stamping Machine
4 t: 2 units (AMAC)
2 t: 7 units (AMAC)
@Tampo Printing Machine
3 units (Tampo, Mishima, Navitas)
@Silk Printing Machine
1 unit (Shin Ei Industry)

Hot Stamping Printing Plant

Storage Dedicated for Knobs

@Mold Maintenance System
We Repair and Maintain Our Own Molds
Molds are essential to the molding process. Any problem with molds will halt the production and may impact the delivery deadline. Most companies outsource the repair of molds, but we do it at our own maintenance department.
This enables us to keep the quality that our clients have come to rely on, while we can accumulate molding skills and reduce repairing costs. Maintenance and production departments coordinate with each other in order to maintain a flexible production system.

Production of Mold Parts

Work for Securing Quantity